User Agreement

This platform is a company incorporated in the Republic of Singapore in accordance with the relevant laws of the Republic of Singapore. The company operates a website  which is a platform for users to conduct digital asset transactions and provide related services ("services" or "services"). In order to facilitate the expression of this agreement, the company and the website collectively use "us" or other first-person names in this agreement. The terms expressed in this agreement are convenient as long as natural persons or other subjects logged into the site are able to place users of the site. In the following, "you" or another second person is used. For convenience, we and you are collectively referred to as the "Parties" in this Agreement, and we are referred to as the "Party" for short.

important hint:

We would like to remind you here:

1. Digital assets themselves are not issued by any financial institution or company or this website;

2. The digital asset market is brand new, recognized, and may not grow;

3. Digital assets are mainly used by speculators. Relatively speaking, the utilization rate in the retail and commercial markets is relatively high. Digital asset trading is extremely risky, and it is continuously traded throughout the day. Great influence and fluctuation;

4. If the company believes that you have violated this agreement based on your unilateral judgment, or that the services provided by this website or your use of the services provided by this website is illegal under the laws of your area, the company has the right at any time Suspend or terminate your account, or suspend or terminate your use of the services provided by this website or digital asset transactions. 

You understand and understand that this investment may result in some or all of the losses, and therefore, the amount of the investment should be determined within an acceptable range. Digital assets generate derivative risks, so if you have any questions, we recommend that you first seek the help of a financial advisor. In addition to the risks mentioned above, there are also forecast risks. You should carefully consider and make clear judgments to assess your financial situation and the above-mentioned reduced risks in order to make any decision to buy and sell digital assets, and to bear all losses caused by it, we will not bear any responsibility .

I want to tell you:

1. You understand that this website is only a place where you can obtain digital asset information, look for counterparties, negotiate and conduct transactions on digital asset transactions. This website does not participate in any of your transactions, so you should manually determine the authenticity, legality and validity of the relevant digital assets and / or information, and bear the responsibility and losses caused by it.

2. Any opinions, news, discussions, analysis, prices, suggestions and other information on this website are general market reviews and do not constitute investment advice. We are not responsible for any loss, including but not limited to any loss of profit, caused directly or indirectly by relying on this information.

3. The content of this website is subject to change without notice. We have taken reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy, and we will not take any responsibility for any links caused by the information or values ​​on this website. Damage caused directly or indirectly by delays or failures in sending or receiving any notices and information on the Internet.

4. There are also risks in using Internet-based trading systems, including but not limited to software, hardware and Internet link failures. Since we have no control over the reliability and availability of the Internet, we are not responsible for distortion, delays, and link failures.

5. No services on this website will accept payment in fiat currency;

6. It is prohibited to use this website for money laundering, smuggling, commercial bribery and other illegal trading activities or illegal acts. If any suspicious illegal transactions or illegal acts are found, this website will take all possible measures, including but not freezing the frozen accounts, notifying the relevant authorities, etc. We do not assume all the liabilities caused by the responsibility, and reserve the following rights: investigate responsibility people.

7. It is forbidden to use this website to conduct malicious market manipulation, improper trading and other unethical trading activities. If such incidents are found, this website will warn of all malicious actions (such as malicious manipulation of prices and malicious effects on the trading system) to limit transactions and take preventive protection measures (such as closing accounts), we will not be responsible for any Full responsibility. And reserves the right to hold the parties responsible.

8. Effectiveness and interpretation

8.1 When the user clicks on the registration page of and completes the registration process, the agreement takes effect and the agreement is binding on  Us and the user.

8.2 The final interpretation of this agreement belongs