Bitcoin Alliance Group favors EME public chain system, EME opens DEFI ecological layout

EME is a token model that perfectly combines DEFI and blockchain technology. The Bitcoin Alliance Group favors the EME system, is optimistic about the development of EME, and praises it as the fusion of science and art. The Bitcoin Alliance Group joins hands with DAO developer and EME to enter the token consensus economy. The Bitcoin Alliance Group has Vqupree, Aaravegm and other institutions established, mainly to regulate the supervision of encrypted digital currencies and promote the development of the blockchain industry.

Dow Jones Index reports show that EME is valued by top developers in various countries, which is a big benefit for the industry. EME has built a convergent blockchain public chain and a blockchain DeFi ecosystem. According to EME’s Token issuance and distribution, 80% of EME’s chips will be generated in liquid mining and pledge mining. At present, the data on the blockchain shows that 15% of EME has been burned in circulation, and the mining ecology of EME is about to start. This will make the price of EME soar by more than 10 times, reaching 0.1USDT before July 30. Because the ecosystem can interoperate across chains and support users to experience the large-scale adoption of encrypted currencies for the exchange, storage and transmission of encrypted currencies. Its cross-chain enables any digital asset to be transferred to near zero network fees within a few milliseconds, releasing huge value for the entire industry.

In this context, the EME Foundation and the project operator jointly decided to establish more consensus groups for the project, and now open EME liquidity mining and pledge mining. The EME consensus group opens a new blockchain era together.