Notice on EME Asset Platform Security Reminder

Recently, the EME platform has received feedback from investors in the EME community that criminals are using the openness of the Internet to request the private information of investors in the EME community. This has a negative impact on EME's global market layout and ecological development. Regarding EME investor account security, transaction security, deposit and withdrawal related matters, the security reminders are as follows:

1. The EME platform and its related staff will not actively contact you on the grounds that your account is at risk, will not ask you for any password or verification code information, and will not allow you to download and access third-party sharing software. The platform business changes are subject to the official website announcement, please pay attention to distinguish.

2. In the ICO stage of EME, the platform will not ask you for private information in any form (such as email), such as driving license, ID card, passport, credit card, etc. Blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization, openness, transparency, and anonymity. I hope everyone will pay attention to the development logic of blockchain technology in the process of participating in EME investment. The platform currently only provides an online customer service system to maintain communication with you, please pay attention to distinguish and beware of being deceived.

3. If criminals have stolen your private information by simulating official emails, please be alert to the development of the incident and control risks. After getting in touch with you, criminals will maintain communication through social software, impersonate official personnel to gain your trust, and then increase your investment risk by means of high investment incentives. Please pay attention to distinguishing and beware of being deceived.